KGEC-TV is licensed by the FCC to serve the greater Redding, California area on UHF Channel 26.

We broadcast in the new Digital Format on channels:
26.1 with Retro TV Network
26.2 with The Action TV Network
26.3 with My Family TV Network
26.4 with Jewelry Television and NASA TV
Welcome to Family Friendly Television
  • Our Transmiter is located on South Fork Mountain northwest of Redding
  • Viewable Signal to over 100,000 Households (TVHH) plus an additional 30,000 Charter Communications Cable Subscribers in the Redding area
  • Antenna Height of Nearly 3,500 Feet above the valley floor
  • Serving Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, Shasta Lake City, Mountain Gate, Bella Vista, Palo Cedro & Red Bluff areas
Let us know your thoughts
As we make plans for further growth and changes, your thoughts are important to us. Please give us your feedback:
Ideas for new programming
Thoughts about our current  programming
What you like
What you don't like
" It is great to see all the great programs I grew up on. They bring back wonderful memories. Thanks!
I Love your station"

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KGEC viewers found a program lineup that is worth talking about.

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For as little as $5.00 you can reach over 130,000 television households (TVHH) with 30 seconds of advertising.
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From Bonanza to Doctor Who.
Fishing, Hunting, latest in Hot Cars.
Hours of Childrens Shows.

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Click for Redding, CA Forecast
Click for Redding, CA Forecast