• Effective Television advertising has been proven to be more effective than radio or print. Radio is primarily heard in the background; television is viewed intentionally. KGEC TV is less saturated with commercials than other television stations or radio. Fewer ads to compete with. Your message will stand out. Get more bang for your buck.
  • Proven KGEC TV has received well over 1,000 calls, emails, and letters from satisfied viewers. Some of our advertisers have capitalized on this and have been with us continuously for nearly a decade. Advertising with KGEC TV works!
  • Affordable For as little as $5 you can  reach over 100,000 television households, plus an additional 30,000 Charter Communications cable subscribers in the greater Redding area. Call for more information.

Advertise with KGEC TV
For more information, please contact:
Station Manager: Millie Cooper
(530) 941-7879
Email: info@kgectv.com