KGEC TV Redding California seen over the air on Digital Channel 26 and on Charter Spectrum Channel 94.

The licensee for KGEC-TV is Cooper Communications, LLC,

When the opportunity came to acquire a station in Redding, George and Millie Copper jumped at the chance! "We love the market and the people", according to Cooper, "and will do everything we can to serve it well!"

Channel 26 came on the air late in October of 1997, was licensed by the FCC January 14, 1998 and became an affiliate of the America One Network a week later.

George and his wife Millie have long felt the need for more "family friendly" programming in northern California. As a result, the station affiliated with FamilyNet July 1, 2000.

After several programming and mangement changes at FamilyNet, it was clear a new affiliate was needed for the stablity and future growth of KGEC TV. On January 04, 2010 KGEC affiliated with RTV to bring our viewers great retro programming while continuing our family friendly programming. 

March of 2011 KGEC was granted its digital license on channel 26 for four virtual channels.  They can be viewed over the air as 26.1, 26.2, 26.3, and 26.4. 

We have the unique privilege of airing some of NASA TV's live programs on Ch 26.4. NASA TV airs everyday for one hour at midnight, 4AM, 8AM, Noon, 4PM and 8PM. It also airs live when special NASA events air, such as launches, panding, spacewalks and other interesting live events.

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KGEC TV reaches over 100,000 households over the air and 30,000 viewers on Charter Spectrum channel 94.